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El Chaltén

Patagonia, Argentina

Lago del Desierto

Glaciar Vespigniani

6,93 km / 4.3 mi
Exploration duration

Exploration Path

We take a van from the lodge to the south shore of the Desierto Lake. From there, we cross this historical lake while enjoying the view of the Vespigniani Glacier. We land on the northernmost tip of the lake and take a rugged track through the forest, reaching some of the most unexplored parts of this area. We reach the southern edge of the lake and finalize the exploration taking a van back to the lodge. 

The Desert Lake (Argentina) is a wildlife enclave around which numerous Patagonian ecosystems can be observed and explored.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Gain
elevation gain icon
727 m 2385 ft
Elevation Loss
elevation loss icon
-731 m -2398 ft
Max. Altitude
max altitude ion
983 m 3.225 ft
Min. Altitude
min altitude icon
518 m 1.699 ft
EL CHALTEN-glacias vespigniani

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