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El Chaltén

Patagonia, Argentina

Campo de Hielo Sur

Campo de Hielo Sur

71,6 km / 44.5 mi
Exploration duration

Exploration Path

The Southern Ice Field is considered one of the world’s most remote and inhospitable places. Walking over this huge ice and snow plateau is one of the most transformative experiences for an explorer. If conditions allow for it, we will spend six days among forests, rocky slopes, lagoons, and vast ice and snow expanses, all surrounded by impressive mountains. This is a demanding 90 km hike expedition in a changing weather.

*This exploration combines Explora services with services provided by third parties, meaning it must be reserved in advance and can carry an additional charge. Only for travelers with experience. Available as of December 2022.

Explorations in this zone take travelers throughout the territories most influenced by the ice fields, as well as areas where the glaciological legacy is most evident.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Gain
elevation gain icon
2629 m 8625 ft
Elevation Loss
elevation loss icon
-2719 m -8921 ft
Max. Altitude
max altitude ion
1.577 m 5.174 ft
Min. Altitude
min altitude icon
395 m - ft
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