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El Chaltén

Patagonia, Argentina

How we explore

We have outlined four different exploration zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biosphere characteristics.

All exploration have been designed in order to gradually unveil the territory’s essence. Each day, one of our guides will gladly help you choose the right exploration for your interests and provide further information on each zone.
Our explorations, always led by a bilingual guide from our Guide School, take place in English or Spanish for groups of maximum eight travelers.

The explorations at El Chaltén are as varied as the surroundings we are about to know. The area’s geography has towering mountains and different landscapes open to be discovered through treks, overland trips, ice hikes, and even rock climbing, depending on the preferences and skills of each traveler.

The Los Glaciares National Park, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, will be one of the places to be explored. Other attractions to be discovered are the Southern Patagonia Mountain Range, Mount Fitz-Roy, the towering heights of the area, and the surroundings of the Los Huemules Natural Reserve, in addition to the Patagonia forest and its rich wildlife.

The explorations can cover a full day or half a day, in groups of no more than eight travelers accompanied by a bilingual guide trained in our own Guide School. We recommend a minimum of four nights to be able to deeply discover the Argentinean Patagonia, although we assure you that once you begin exploring you will feel that you need more time. Six nights are also a good option to really immerse oneself in the forests, mountains, and glaciers of Argentinean Patagonia.

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