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Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile


The highest point

10,5 km / 6.5 mi
Exploration duration
3 h 30 m

Exploration Path

We begin our hike at the foothill of the Terevaka Volcano, going up a narrow creek and passing between archaeological vestiges until we reach the volcano’s summit, the highest point in the Island with 360° views to the horizon. When descending, we hike towards Ahu Akivi, the 7 moai facing the sea.

The zone’s lowlands, which include the north and northeastern coasts, host many archaeological vestiges, most of which remain intact and have therefore been vital clues in understanding the island’s mysterious past.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Gain
elevation gain icon
375 m 1230 ft
Elevation Loss
elevation loss icon
-389 m -1276 ft
Max. Altitude
max altitude ion
500 m 1640 ft
Min. Altitude
min altitude icon
138 m 453 ft

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