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Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile


Snorkeling Motu Tautara

At the sea
At the sea
Exploration duration
1 h 30 m

Exploration Path

Departure by van from the lodge to the Hanga Roa cove, where we take a boat north to the Motu Tautara, an islet that is located very close to the island and in front of Ana Kakenga, a cave also known as two windows. During the boat trip you can appreciate a different view of the Tahai complex, as well as other archaeological sites located on the northwest coast of the island. The area where the Motu Tautara is located is part of a protected coastal marine area in which corals and a diversity of marine fauna can be seen, in addition to endemic species.

The waters surrounding the island offer a unique clarity for sea explorations. This is due to low levels of plankton in the area, which also cause a lower number of larger species to be found.

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