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Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile

Lava Flows

Rapa Nui Sanctuaries

3,6 km / 2.3 mi
Exploration duration
3 h

Exploration Path

We visit Akivi with the Ahu of the 7 moai facing the sea. We walk the Roiho lava field, where we visit a lava tunnel, the Ana Te Pahu cave. We continue by van to visit the Ahu Huri A Urenga, a platform located in the interior of the island that is aligned with the sunrise on the winter solstice. We return by van.

From water came lava and from lava came land. Tales to be told only by the elements themselves. The surrounding landscape is overall irregular and interrupted by vestiges of volcanic activity, which also characterize the zone’s memorable skyline.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Gain
elevation gain icon
38 m 123 ft
Elevation Loss
elevation loss icon
-56 m -182 ft
Max. Altitude
max altitude ion
138 m 453 ft
Min. Altitude
min altitude icon
89 m 292 ft

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