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A surprise at the base of Torres del Paine

Going out as usual to explore and be surprised with something that will totally change your life is what actually happened to our guide, Carolina Vallejos.

February 4th, 2019, was one of the hottest days of the season in Torres del Paine. Temperatures reached 30°C and without wind, an odd weather for Patagonia.  I had to lead that day the Base Torres exploration for a group of six people and for some reason –unknown at the time of leaving– I was assigned to a partner named Sergio. It is not a regular situation to assign two guides for a group of six travelers, but Sergio commented that he had to take pictures of the Torres and that was the reason he was coming with me.

As we walked through the Patagonia mountains, Sergio informed the travelers that “there will be lots of surprises today”, and I complemented the remark by adding that we would have a delicious lunch and that after the intense walk enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Torres del Paine, we would reach the summit.  I also added that since the day was clear, we were going to have an even more amazing view.  However, and although Sergio was not referring to that, he agreed by saying “sure” to my remark.

As we were reaching the base, Sergio –who was ahead of me by a couple of minutes– shouted: “Caro, I have a place reserved”. I looked to where he was shouting and I could not believe what I saw: My boyfriend was there waiting. He had camped the previous night in the Chilean camp site to surprise me the next day. He had spoken to my boss and some of my colleagues so that everything could go as planned.  Here was Rodrigo, with a huge and bit nervous smile; same as mine. He said “Can you come closer? I have something to tell you.” I immediately began to cry. I don’t even remember all the things he said to me until he knelt and said “Do you want to marry me?” Looking at his eyes and having a hard time containing my emotions, I said yes. At that moment, everyone –instead of looking at the amazing view– was staring at us. They were clapping, congratulating us and Sergio was taking pictures. The travelers could not believe it either. Some of them were very touched.

“Do you want to marry me?”


It is very difficult to describe that moment with just words; there are so many emotions and feelings.  Love is one of the most beautiful universal feelings! It’s impossible to conceal, you have to express it; love endures all, hopes all and bears all. I felt as described by Milan Kundera: “two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s very beautiful”. Even though we were surrounded by people, we were both isolated and in love.

After that event, I understood why Sergio came along with me and what the surprises he spoke were; and why they were asking on the radio what had happened. But most important of all, I understood and lived love in one of its most beautiful expressions.

February 4th, 2019, is a day I will never forget. Since that day, the Torres have been different because of you, Rodrigo, my love.

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