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Easter Island


Travelers Voice

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Inclusive adventure stay for ultimate Easter Island experience!

Explora Rapa Nui is the best place to stay on Easter Island if you’re looking for an inclusive adventure experience, and for many this is the ideal way to savor this unique & elusive place. The lodge is more remotely located -- about 15 to 20 min drive from town -- so you do feel a bit removed from the local culture & vibe of Hanga Roa, but this disadvantage comes at the perk of getting the most beautiful views you’ll find on the island.

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Enchanting, mystical, beautiful place

The island of Eastern Island is just beautiful. Surrounded by beautiful deep blue waters. The hotel is beautifully designed for people who love exploration, And excellent service.
The view from the rooms tempts to stay in and watch, but the Enthusiastic guides and the sites beckon you to go out and explore.
All levels of explorations are available. The lobby, dinning room are inviting and very comfortable.
The chef and the kitchen stuff are very good.
Being a vegetarian they went out of their way to cook for me.

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