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Conservation Reserves


Conservation sReserves

Our Conservation Reserves

Puritama Explora Conservation Reserve

Running through the Puritama River Valley in a deep canyon of the Atacama desert, this Explora Conservation Reserve offers an oasis of abundant native flora and fauna, crystalline water, and gentile hot-springs. The reserve helps to sustain life across two broad ecoregions, where the Altiplano (Andean High Plateau) converges with the Atacama, the driest desert of the world.

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Torres del Paine Explora Conservation Reserve

Located on the north-eastern side of the Torres del Paine National Park, this Explora Conservation Reserve is a true expression of Patagonian richness, it contains different ecosystems such as Magellan forest, pre-Andean scrubs, steppes, and Patagonian pampas. Two rivers wind up across the estancias, along with wetlands, lagoons, and other water bodies. The land is home to Patagonia's gauchos, who keep practicing their old traditions in their everyday life and welcome the visitor with the natural hospitality of a region where freedom reigns and horizons are bound by distance and solitude.

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Our next conservation ventures

El Condor Conservation Reserve

Covering a total area of ​​40,000 hectares, the El Cóndor Conservation Reserve, is located further north, against the backdrop of the bi-national lake San Martin (Argentina) / O'Higgins (Chile), as well as huge stretches of nothofagus forests.

Huemules Conservation Reserve

With over 16 mi. of hiking routes spread throughout 5,800 hectares of untouched nature, the Conservation Reserve is a unique place in Patagonia, framed against the unmistakable snow-caped peak of Mount Fitz Roy.

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