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Torres del Paine

Patagonia, Chile

Our Cuisine

Patagonia is a vast territory with countless defining features, some of which have been incorporated into the gastronomic offering of our lodge in Torres del Paine.

Our travelers will enjoy simple yet exquisite cuisine, with a daily menu of options for meals both within our lodge and for each day’s explorations.

We invite you to experience a new form of exploration, one that goes beyond the territory we are in. A way to connect with the local culture. Our program includes all meals and beverages, as
well as an open bar: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals and snacks during full-day explorations are also included.

Wine & Bar

With every meal, you can order a variety of Chilean wines included. Some of the vineyards and grape varieties we offer reflect Chile’s wine culture and provide a way to get to know this part of the territory.

Chilean wines are globally recognized for their quality and diversity. Chile, with its unique geography that includes the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the Atacama Desert, and Patagonia, offers a wide variety of microclimates and soils, ideal for cultivating various grape varieties.

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